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Suicide and dark thoughts:

A good time to start talking

As you grow up, problems can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you feel that nobody understands you, or maybe you are being bullied or feel like you have no friends. Perhaps you are in big trouble with your parents or at school (or feel that way) and the idea of killing yourself feels like a way out.

A major trigger to suicide is relationship problems - the feeling that nobody understands you, that you cannot talk to your parents or that you are totally alone.

But suicide is never a solution. Feelings are like rollercoasters, particularly as you grow up, they go up and down. The lows will pass, and you find over time that many troubles can be overcome.

The other biggest reasons for suicide amongst young people is:

Most often suicide is a result of depression that is untreated. If you feel you are depressed, shout for help. If you think your friend is depressed, talk to them. While suicide seems like it may solve your immediate problems, it creates a lot of long-term pain and suffering for the friends and family you may be leaving behind.

Thinking or talking about suicide is a serious warning sign. Never take it lightly. There nothing so bad that you cannot overcome it with help, support and time. Share your worries with someone who can help you, such as a teacher you trust or an older family member.

(adapted from Dr Eve’s Sex Book: A Guide for Young People)


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