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What is This Site all About?

Welcome to Tune Me - you've turned on the truth!

Tune Me puts the power in your hands to make choices about your body, your rights, your love life and your sexual health. It’s the place to get real, honest advice and share your opinions. You can chat live with experts, tell your stories - and get answers to those hard-to-ask questions.

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Tune Me was built and is operated by Praekelt Foundation. Funding for this site was provided by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ford Foundation.

UNFPA advocates for the rights of young people, including the right to relevant and accurate information about sexual and reproductive health.

The Ford Foundation supports sexual and reproductive health policies, innovative programmes and research that address social, cultural and economic factors that hinder improved outcomes for women and girls.

Praekelt Foundation is supported by UNFPA and Ford Foundation. In Botswana, by: UNFPA Botswana.

Content credits

Content was created by Praekelt Foundation, or provided by content partners & adapted & published with their consent including Generation Alive, Safaids, Ndola Youth Resource Centre. Content authors: Sarah Bullen, Tamsen de Beer, Dr Marlene Wasserman/Dr Eve, CopyInk with inputs from Asha Mohamud, Maria Bakaroudis & Renata Tallarico (UNFPA) and Eka Williams (Ford Foundation). Thanks to Phindile Sithole-Sprong for sharing her personal story of living with HIV. Images ©iStock.