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How to: Handle your Stress

Tips to deal

Stress is what you feel when you react to pressure. The pressure can come from events in your life, from other people, or even from just thoughts or ideas about yourself. Different people get stressed by different things. For example, you might get very stressed about an assignment, but your friend might think it’s fun. Your friend may think doing a speech is terrifying, but you think it's exciting.

A little stress or anxiety is good for you. But it's important not to let it take over your life. It may be too much if you feel frightened, find it hard to concentrate, have difficulty sleeping and/or eating, or feel irritable.

How can you deal with stress?

If you feel you are not coping and the stress is taking over, talk to someone who can help. A problem shared is often a problem solved.

Need to talk to someone now? Call Childline on 3900900.


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Mhmm but for me is till difficult to control my stress

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