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Avoid exam stress

Your study smart plan

Nobody can avoid exams. They will come year after year, first at school then college or university. You may worry about how to study, about failing, about letting your family down or about how you are going to cope on the day of the exam.

Exams are designed to create some pressure on you. Pressure can be positive and useful. It can push you to complete things on time. But the pressure can also be negative if you’re not able to cope with it. It can make you anxious, stressed out and unable to focus.

Tackle exams stress with a study plan:

  1. Plan. Figure out how much time you should spend on each subject every week, and then make a weekly schedule. Work through your subjects every day rather than trying to catch up at exam time.
  2. Prepare. The more prepared you are, the less you will worry. Put in some extra time and be sure you have actually done the work. Do your homework every day. Keeping up with your homework makes studying easier because you understand the work well already.
  3. Practice. Ask your teachers or older friends to see any past papers or tests and spend time going through them.

Don’t bottle up feelings of stress and worry. Speak to a teacher, friend or parent if you are overwhelmed. Find the right person to support and encourage you.

Keep a perspective. Exams can feel like the biggest thing in your life as they get closer. But they are just one of many challenges you will face in your life. Every challenge makes you stronger. And whatever your results, you can still make a positive plan for your future.


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