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How to cope with your feelings

In 4 simple steps

You may be dealing with lots of different feelings. One minute you might feel in charge, the next you may feel worried and tearful. Feelings can change so fast that it can be hard to keep up!

This kind of shift in your moods is okay and normal. It is part of being a human. And part of being a teenager.

Four steps to handling feelings:

STEP 1: Name the feeling.
What emotion are you experiencing? For example, are you sad, stressed or angry? If you’re not sure what the emotion is, how does it make you feel - is your heart racing, is your stomach in knots or maybe you feel dizzy?

STEP 2: Acknowledge how you feel.
Ignoring how you feel won’t make it go away. Instead, tell yourself “It’s OK to feel this. This is just a feeling. This feeling isn’t who I am.”

STEP 3: Express your feeling.
Write about it. Text a friend. Talk to a sibling. Let yourself cry. Find a way to let the feeling out. But make sure that whatever you do doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.

STEP 4: Take care of yourself.
What do you need right now to take care of yourself while you’re feeling this way? Maybe it’s a hug from your best friend. Or maybe it’s having a long talk with your mom to get her advice. Find the thing that will help you feel better now - and in the long run.

Some feelings are harder to handle than others. And many feelings pass with time. But if you find that your bad feelings aren’t changing (or are getting worse), you might need some extra help. When you feel like you’re struggling to cope, talk to someone you trust. It could be an older sibling, teacher or parent. If you’re scared to reach out, trying writing them a note or sending a text.

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