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MyStory: Men aren’t all the same

We’re not all cheats

My girlfriend is amazing. She’s beautiful and smart. I can see a great future ahead of us. Except for one thing...

Before me, she dated a guy who cheated. He didn’t even care enough to hide it from her!

I can see she’s trying to trust me. But it’s a struggle for her. If she sees me speaking to another woman, she gets upset. I can see her fighting with herself to keep from getting jealous. She’s insecure and sometimes when I tell her I love her, I’m not sure she believes me.

She expects me to spend every waking moment with her just so she can keep tabs on me. I’ve even caught her going through my phone; no doubt trying to find “proof” of me cheating on her!

I love her so I stick it out, but I’m getting tired of her suspicion. I don’t know how I make her believe that I’m here to stay.

When someone has been betrayed, it can be hard for them to trust again. Take things slowly. Trust is built with time and patience.

Have you struggled to let go of hurt from the past?

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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