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True Story: My bestie’s man

I think I’m in love

I went through a bit of a crazy stage when I got a huge crush on my bestie’s man. Believe me - if you were in my shoes, I bet you'd crush on him as well!

We all hung out together all the time. He used to treat me like the 'it girl'. I used to be so flirty and it got to the point where my bestie even noticed, though she didn’t really pay much attention to it because she trusted me way too much.

Eventually I started feeling uncomfortable every time I was around him because, deep within me, I felt as if I was cheating on my bestie. I tried so hard to stay away from them. I didn’t want to be part of their dates like before. It got a bit weird then because I started hating him because I couldn't have him.

Anyway they ended up breaking up for some reason. Don’t get it twisted, it wasn’t because of me. This was a secret crush I had to hide.

But yeah, I was crushing on him like crazy for ages.

This Tune Me reader fell hard… for someone off limits. Lucky for her she kept it under wraps or she could have lost her best friend and her crush too. Getting a crush on people you shouldn’t, even a teacher or an uncle, is a normal part of growing. If your crush is not suitable, keep it as a fantasy and make sure you don’t act on it!


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