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MissCautious: I nearly gave it away

After too many drinks

I was the kind of girl who was raised right. I did everything my parents expected of me. I went to church and never went out on a date without a chaperone. But if my parents really knew what was going on inside my head, they would have poured Holy water on it.

See, I was my daddy's little Princess. He wanted me to remain a virgin until the day I got married so that he could beam with pride.

But I felt I was missing out on something that my best friend had… a boyfriend. She wasn’t waiting for her wedding day and couldn’t understand why I was. And I was so curious about her real, live, actual boyfriend. I desperately wanted to know what that was like.

Truth is, I did have a crush. It was my bestie’s brother – and she knew it. But she didn't like it. I daydreamed about him constantly. What would it be like to break the rules… and break them with him?

At my bestie’s sweet 16th birthday party, I nervously drank too much and started to feel drunk. Her brother decided to play the Good Samaritan and take me to his room to lie down and sober up. But as he carried me to his room, I kissed him passionately. And he kissed me back!

Before I knew it we were in his room and he was undressing me.

In this heated moment, it was so tempting to give him what I’d been holding onto so dearly: my virginity. Luckily, someone knocked on his door and interrupted us. I cooled off immediately and left as quickly as I could.

That knock on the door was the reality check I needed. I’m still a virgin and it’s still my choice. The guy I am waiting for will be the one who waits for me too.

Sex is a big deal. Choose it when you feel old enough to handle it. Alcohol affects your judgment. It can lead to choices you wouldn’t make when sober, like giving in to sex with a person you may not otherwise have sex with or not using condoms and/or some other contraceptive. Know your drinking limits and stop when you reach them.


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