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Busted! Myths about young women and sex

Don’t believe everything you hear

Being a young woman today can be very different from when your parents were your age. You want to be assertive and live your life, but you also want to respect your religion, culture and family. And on top of all that, you have to navigate a country and a world often filled with sexual violence and HIV.

There are still a lot of myths you might have heard. Read about on the facts so you’re in the best position to protect yourself.

Girls don’t masturbate (and if they do it will cause physical and psychological problems).
Fact: Studies show that some women do masturbate. Masturbation is an entirely personal choice. If you do choose to masturbate, it’s important to understand that it won’t make you infertile or unable to have sex when you choose to do so later on in life.

Women are more faithful than men
Fact: Guys cheat, girls cheat - there’s no difference. Cheating on your partner means you’re not honest or respectful towards them or your relationship.

Women don’t want sex as much as men do.
Fact: Sexual desire is totally personal and differs between everybody! However, as a young woman, once you decide you’re ready to have sex, you need to be careful. Women are more vulnerable to STIs and HIV than guys are! Always use a male or female condom when having sex.

Take control over your sexual health and life by arming yourself with knowledge. Learn about STIs, HIV, how you can get pregnant - and how you can prevent all of these things! Make yourself your number one priority.

(adapted from Dr Eve’s Sex Book: A Guide for Young People)


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