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Family Christmas Disasters

How to survive the silly season

All families are different. But most people will agree that they ALL come with challenges. It may be fights with siblings or cousins, a drunk uncle who doesn't care what anyone thinks. Or strict parent who just doesn't understand. Perhaps you have no parents, or they are far away.

But it's Christmas, the season to all hang out together. So try and make it an enjoyable time, exercise the spirit of generosity and try to get along, it will work out in your best interest in the end.

Get involved This is the time of year where there are more people around, more food to be cooked, more dishes to be washed, and generally more chores to be done. Your parents will appreciate you doing that little bit to help out.

Be nice Yes sometimes this can be hard, because that many people in one space can lead to fights instead of fits of laughter. Make sure that you are a part of the problem-solving side rather than the problem-starting side.

Be grateful Not everyone has a support structure they can turn to in their time of need. Your family is there to help you in life, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel like it. Even if they drive you mad, they are yours!

Enjoy yourself

This time of year comes along just once. It's meant to give families time to reconnect and recuperate from the past year. To have fun and get energised for the year ahead. Make great memories that will last you until this time next year.

Family and the people you love are important so make sure that you treat them with respect and you show them the love they deserve. What is your family style over holidays?


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