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Feeling Sad All the Time?

The Difference Between Moodiness and Depression

There’s a line between moody, especially when you’re a teenager, and being depressed. Depression is a medical term to describe constant feelings of sadness and lack of interest in life. Moodiness tends to come and go.

You can feel depressed even if everything seems to be going your way. Maybe you feel all alone and like you have no choice in this, or you don’t feel part of a group or event, or you just don’t have anyone who understands you.

You may feel:

The problem with depression is that it can lead to harmful or destructive behaviour. You may use drugs or alcohol just to feel better or you may have unsafe sex ending up with an unplanned pregnancy or HIV or other STIs. You may feel as if you hate yourself or want to hurt yourself.

Depression is a serious and common condition. It can be treated, but you will need to acknowledge it and seek treatment. In addition to counselling and medical treatment, you will be taught how to cope with depression.

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