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Too Young to be a Daddy?

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I’m pregnant. The words that will change your life forever – and usually not in a good way. If you’re at school these could be the scariest words you’ve ever heard. What is going to happen to your future? But that’s not what you are worried about right now. You are terrified about how to tell your parents.

Teen dads say the most terrifying thing about the news is wondering what their family is going to say and what they will do. Who will pay for the baby? What will her family say? Will they expect you to pay damages? These are all good questions! The unprotected sex is not feeling so fun any more. You are also going to be responsible for a human being, and that feels like a huge burden.

But pregnancy is one problem you can’t wish away. You are going to have to make some big decisions. If you are under-age you are going to have to make them with your parents, and her parents too. Your family is going to be your first line of support. If you feel you can’t talk to them, find an older relative, an elder or a teacher you can talk to.

Discuss the issue with the girl instead of avoiding her. Discover together what options you have, go to your closest government health facility. You have to make a decision that you can both live with.

It is important that neither of you drop out of school due to an unplanned pregnancy. You will need a job to support your baby and school is your way there.


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