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SmartSista - On the Pill?

Safe From Pregnancy but Not STIs & HIV

Some of my friends amaze me. They think it’s okay to stop using condoms once they're on the pill or injection.

Surely they should know better?

One friend told me that sometimes you do become sloppy about using condoms because pregnancy seems to be such a bigger issue to deal with. Bigger than HIV? I shook my head.

“I mean if I trust the guy I'm sleeping with, I don’t really worry about getting STIs, but pregnancy? Hell no, of course I am going to be careful!’' she tells me.

My other friend agrees. She says that women who stop using condoms when they're on the pill must be crazy: “I’m sexually active. But I’m not in a long-term relationship, so I won't be skipping the pill or condom. I don't want to fall pregnant, and I definitely don't want to get an STI either!"

But HIV is my biggest concern!

The thing is, even if you are in a committed relationship, how can you be 100% sure that your partner isn't sleeping around? There have been plenty of cases where people end up with STIs or even HIV because of their cheating partners - whom they love and trust.

Pregnancy is a worry, but it's not the only one. If you want a sure bet you’ll be safe from pregnancy as well as STIs including HIV, you need a condom and your pill - double up!

Use a condom along with your contraceptive method of choice. That’s how you protect against STIs including HIV - and pregnancy. What kind of contraception are you using?

How not to fall pregnant:


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